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At the core of every business is its IT systems infrastructure. With countless connections and interdependencies, IT systems are simultaneously an organizations’ greatest tool and greatest threat. IT systems facilitate communication, inspire innovation, expedite production, protect intellectual property, and drive revenue growth. And when they fail, you need a quick resolution. Acadeus understands that implementing and maintaining such a complex system requires collaboration. It requires a team of specialized IT experts that can help you plan your technology and keep it running efficiently.

Systems Repair

Acadeus offers 911 “break-fix” services for your PC or Mac network and desktop systems when you need it – FAST. Our repair services are competitively priced and our technicians are highly trained to get you up and running quickly and keep your repair costs to a minimum.

Strategic Planning

Plan your work and work your plan. We naturally do this in most areas of our business. Why not with our technology investments? Acadeus can help you avoid major headache and expense with proper technology planning, while establishing a scalable infrastructure to support your long-term goals.

Technology Audits & Assessments

It is our experience that most problems which exist in IT systems can be traced back to how they were originally purchased and implemented. Businesses typically launch and grow without a concrete plan to design, implement, optimize, and support technology. Our technology audits and assessments can help you identify areas of risk and inefficiencies that may be effecting your performance or security.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Acadeus maintains relationships with key technology vendors to support our clients with hardware and software procurement as well as licensing management. Not sure which platform is right for you? Need help validating your licenses for a pending audit? Considering a switch to a cloud based SaaS solution? Our team will help you navigate your options and chose the systems that best meet your requirements and your budget.

Data Backup & Business Continuity

There are a variety of best practices when it comes to backing up your data. The best approach for your business and your budget depends on several factors. Acadeus can help you develop a process and establish procedures that work best for you, while ensuring your data is consistently safe, accurate, and accessible when you need.

Move Management

Whether you’re moving a department within your existing facilities or moving your entire company across town, there are inherent risks that need to be mitigated. Taking for granted the smallest of details could leave you disconnected and exposed to costly downtime. Acadeus move management experts have a proven process to relocate your IT systems and can typically complete the transition outside of normal business hours so you won’t lose valuable time and resources.

Electronic Discovery

When critical data goes missing or you need to search through large volumes of data, Acadeus is here to help. Our automated systems can make quick work of your data mining needs. Using your specific search criteria along with our sophisticated software, we can mine virtually any file type. The next time you’re researching through years of email records for a case, or digging through volumes of backups for a file, let Acadeus help you streamline the process.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Depending on the age of your IT hardware you may be able to offset the costs of new equipment by lowering your utility consumption. With each passing year, IT equipment grows increasingly more energy efficientAcadeus can assess where you fall on the energy efficiency spectrum by inventorying your equipment and running it through our comprehensive database to give you a clear understanding of your current state of consumption as well as opportunities for improvement.

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