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Let Acadeus “Spec Your Tech”

Technology is constantly changing. At the same time, there are endless hardware and software combinations that can be implemented with a wide range of complexity, efficiency, and cost. Depending on your functional requirements, business goals, and budget, Acadeus experts can guide you in the selection, acquisition, and implementation of the right technology to meet your production and communication needs while keeping your data safe and secure.

Technology Purchasing Support

Acadeus can not only help you specify the technology you need, we can help you acquire it. We regularly help companies of all sizes with hardware and software procurement, as well as leasing and financing support. Whether purchasing equipment outright or securing a lease, Acadeus can leverage extensive vendor relationships to get you the right equipment at the right price. Our goal is to help you enjoy the success that your technology is meant to support.

Benefits of Leasing Your IT Equipment from Acadeus

Start Right. End Right: The quality of your technology has a direct impact on your success. Don’t scrape by with minimal IT resources when you can get ALL the tools you need at a monthly cost you can afford.

Conserve Working Capital: Paying for your IT equipment on a monthly basis frees up your working capital for operations, marketing and other cash flow needs that will help you grow your business.

Preserve Credit Lines: Your existing lines of credit and borrowing capacity are left untouched and available to use for operational and short-term financing needs.

Take Advantage of Tax Benefits: Unlike loan payments, lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense. Talk to your accountant to find out the tax benefits associated with leasing your IT equipment.

Avoid Owning Outdated Equipment: Leasing puts you on a plan to regularly upgrade your equipment on a cycle that works best for you. Eliminate the frustration and inefficiencies of owning outdated technology.

Simplify Your IT Budget: Planning goes a long way in preventing, if not eliminating, IT expenditure surprises. Enjoy the benefit of new equipment while increasing the predictability of your IT costs.

Pay From Your Profits – Not Your Cash On Hand: With monthly lease payments your equipment pays for itself as you use it over time. Profits are generated by the use rather than the ownership of the equipment itself.

Up to 100% Financing: With our vendors you may qualify for up to 100% financing. In many cases you can also include "soft" costs such as shipping, software, training, installation, and even future maintenance services.

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