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Business Continuity - More Than Your Data Could Be At Risk

If a small business can’t resume operations within 10 days following a man-made or natural disaster, it probably won’t survive. The median cost of downtime for a small-to-midsized business is $12,500 per day after a data-loss disaster. And yet, only 23% of all businesses backup their data daily. The sad thing is that it’s never been easier or more cost effective to consistently backup your data and protect yourself from costly downtime…or worse. More >>

No Deal for Ransomware Hackers

Cybercrime is relentless and devastating, costing U.S. businesses in excess of $100 billion each year. An increasingly common tactic employed by cybercriminals is to steal and encrypt business data, then demand ransom for the decryption key. Called ransomware, this type of hacking is particularly insidious, demanding that victims pay for something they already own. More >>

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