Products & Services

Managed IT Services
With Managed IT Services our experts become an extension of your team, looking after every aspect of your IT, so you can focus on building your business. We provide ongoing proactive maintenance of your network and desktop environment for a fixed low monthly fee. We monitor your technology systems 24/7 , identifying and fixing problems before they cost you downtime.

IT Consulting Services
At Acadeus, we regularly invest in our education to stay on top of IT best practices, productivity enhancements, changes effecting compatibility, laws impacting data storage and communication, price and value comparisons, security advancements, and hardware and software innovations. Our IT experts guide your organization through the ever-changing, complex world of business technology.

Cloud Backup & Recovery
Disasters are always unexpected and relentlessly unforgiving. Servers crash, laptops go missing, fires burn, and earthquakes, well…they quake. These and many other misfortunes can happen at any time – and when they do, it’s critical that your data is safe and recoverable. When the unexpected happens, Acadeus backup and recovery services ensure that you are back to work with minimal, if any, downtime.

Specification & Purchasing Support
Start right. End right. With technology, like all other areas in business, planning is critical to your success. Too often business technology evolves in an organization without a plan, only to cause major problems and increased expense over time. At Acadeus, we take time to understand your business and your goals. And with those goals in mind, we can help you position your business technology for success.

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